ONLINE piano/theory lessons!

I am excited to announce that as of December 1st, 2019, I am now expanding my studio to online students worldwide! If you live out of town, you now have the chance of joining my studio without a long commute! Multiple camera angles will make you feel like you are in the studio with me!

Lessons are open to students worldwide but special lower rates apply to Nova Scotia residents only!!!

More details available at my online piano studio’s website: 


Here is what you need to learn:


1) Piano/Keyboard (Upright, grand, or digital)


This is my Baldwin baby grand piano. You will need with an acoustic upright piano or grand piano, OR a keyboard – which ideally should have all 88 keys with weighted keys and touch sensitivity (can play louder and softer depending on your touch). I always recommend acoustic instruments, but a quality digital piano can work too.


2) A Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone


You need a device with a built-in camera or webcam so I can see you playing. If you prefer to use a table or smartphone, consider using a gooseneck phone or tablet holder to easily adjust the camera angles (available on Amazon).


3) Skype


Lastly, you will need to download Skype. Skype requires a stable internet connection.

Still have questions?  Send me your questions on my contact page or directly to my email